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IEEE Spectrum Radio Looking for Engineers Who Cook

by Michael Chu
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Are you an engineer who cooks? IEEE Spectrum Magazine has a radio/podcast program and they are looking for cook/engineers, engineers/cooks to feature regularly. They're hoping to create a lively, fun audio take on cooking with an engineering bent. It would be perfect if you were from the New York area (that's where Spectrum is), but if not they'd like to hear from you anyway. Interested? Send an e-mail to and we'll make sure your contact info gets to IEEE Spectrum Magazine.

Back in June 2006, I did a segment with Spectrum Radio where I talked a bit about Cooking For Engineers, prepared a coffee cake, and chatted about cooking and food in general. The recording session took a bit over an hour and was a lot of fun. Apparently, the segment was so well received that IEEE Spectrum Magazine is now looking to see if they can provide a regular cooking segment but with Fanpop, Cooking For Engineers, and family life taking up all my time already, I had to decline. Which is great news for you! If you're an engineer, like to cook - or a cook who likes engineering - and want to find out more about doing a radio/podcast with IEEE Spectrum Magazine, make sure you e-mail

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Written by Michael Chu
Published on December 05, 2006 at 08:25 PM
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On December 07, 2006 at 10:49 AM, yatesmachine (guest) said...
Subject: none
Interesting. I'd be interested but I don't know that I'd have all that much to say other than I wish that I had more time to cook and make my home-brew wine... ;)

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